Thursday, May 3, 2007

Darklord Day 2007

This past saturday, I went on a field trip of sorts. I went to the cherished brewery of mine Three Floyds for the holiday known as "Darklord Day."

Now, what is Darklord day?

Why, it is the only day of the year that the brewery sells Darklord, which according to it is the second best beer in the world, and the best produced in the United States.

Darklord is a Russian Imperial Stout, brewed with coffee and molasses. It is 13% ABV.

The sale of Darklord would begin at noon, so I arrived at the brewery at 10AM. At that time, it looked like this. A good amount of people, all sharing beer from different breweries around the globe. Plastic cups and tasting abound.

At 11AM, they began selling drafts of other beers in the lot. Their original beer Alpha King (American Pale Ale, 6%ABV, hoppy with citrus notes), Isaac the Bruce (Scottish Style Ale, 6.5%ABV, malty with caramel notes), Gumballhead (American Wheat Beer, 4.8%, Citrusy, also my Girlfriends favorite she had), and Rabbid Rabbit (Belgian Saison, 7.4%ABV, strong cinnamon notes).

By 11:30, people jumped in line. At noon the doors were opened. The line experiance was fun, as we conversed with people around us, and talked about some of the various beers we have had. One guy just behind me had driven 12 hours overnight from Alabama just to buy beer. I salute him. He wasn't the only one, as me and my friend were unable to find anyone who lived closer than us (me being a half hour drive, and him being a 15 minute drive). The license plates on the street ranged from Ontario Canada to Arizona.

Soon, I was in the brewery. My mere wait in line of one hour to buy 6 22oz bottles of beer (the limit) was complete. I then walked back to my car with my great bounty. By then, it was 1PM, and the line was, by my guess, an eighth to a quarter of a mile long.

Yes, that is a picture taken on the street of the beer line. You can see the tent in front of the brewery off in the distance, to the top right of the photo.

As far as the taste of the 2007 batch?

I do not know yet. Of my six bottles, one is for my brother, one is for fellow blog contributer and man who sends me beer regularly Garlic Butter, and the other four I have set for opening on my birthday, Christmas Eve, and two days yet to be determined, which may be a distance off since the beer is supposed to taste better upon aging.

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